Logline & Facts

A NEW NORMAL is a 3D essay film, that examines fragments and experiences of a life in crisis and the attempt to construct a new normalcy.

Aspect Ratio:

Stereoscopic Essayfilm
17 Minutes, 10 Seconds
Digital Single Channel, 2k 3D DCP, Audio 5.1
1.5:1 in 1.85:1 Container


A NEW NORMAL is a stereoscopic essay film, that examines the question how to go on when everything has changed. A young man leaves his apartment in an old high-rise and wanders through deserted landscapes. Something is waiting for him out there, but what drives him forward is his desire to leave everything behind, even himself. A narrator recounts fragments and ex- periences of an everyday life following catastrophe. They bear no resemblance with the journey of the young man, but cannot be cleanly separated from them either. Stories start out as banal episodes about grocery shopping or commuting to work but reveal various strategies to engage with a profound crisis of identity. The 3D images are both an artistic and a narrative choice: they serve as a window into his thoughts and attempts to develop a new sense of normalcy.

Many modern TVs and projectors are able to show 3D content. Please activate the 3D mode on your device. If there are several 3D modes, select Side-By-Side (sometimes abbreviated as SBS). In case you are playing the file from a computer, please remember to activate full screen, otherwise the 3D function will not work. In case you are having problems or questions feel free to contact us at any time. In case you do not have access to any 3D-capable devices, we are happy to arrange a private screening for you or members of your jury in Berlin or Stuttgart.

2D-Version (Not for exhibition - only for preview purposes)
Password: anewnormal

Password: anewnormal


Luzie Loose
Director & Producer

Luzie Loose was born 1989 in Rostock and grew up in Berlin. She studied communications at Universität der Künste in Berlin. She shot experimental shorts, worked as an assistant director in theatre and worked for several prestigious German TV and film productions. Through her film work, she has been able to travely widely and work in cities such as Paris, Istanbul, Tokyo and Berlin.

In 2011 she began studying commercial and narrative directing at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. Spending a semester at the prestigious La Fémis in Paris on a scholarship, she realized the film Nouveau Monde. As part of the Atelier Ludwigsburg-Paris, she also directed a film that she presented at San Sebastian Film Festival.

Swimming (2017) was her first feature-length fiction film that she realized in cooperation with SWR, MFG film fund and kurhaus production. The film had its world premiere at the Busan International Film Festival and won gold at the Hofer Filmtage for best directing debut, with a laudatio by Edgar Reitz.

A New Normal is her first collaboration with the film maker Paul Nungeßer. Luzie Loose lives and works as a director and scriptwriter in Berlin.

Paul Nungeßer
Author & Director of Photography

Paul Nungeßer (born 1991) left his hometown Berlin at the age of 14 to spend a year abroad as an exchange student in Copenhagen, Denmark. In 2011 he moved to New York to study at Columbia College, as a John-Jay Scholar and scholar of the German Academic Scholarship Foundation, majoring in photography and architecture. In 2014 he spent a semester abroad at FAMU, Prague, where he had the unique opportunity to lens two short films on 35mm. While still in college, Paul already began working as a cinematographer for small music videos and short films in New York and Los Angeles. As a photography student under the guidance of his professors Tom Roma and Kai McBride, he produced mostly analog, b/w portrait work.

After graduating from Columbia in 2015 with a bachelor of liberal arts he returned to Berlin, where he worked as director of photography for several art films, mostly in cooperation with students from Kunsthochschule Weißensee (fashion and sculpture) as well as Universität der Künste (visual communications under professor Anna Anders). After being successfully admitted to Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, he began his cinematography studies there in 2016. Since beginning his studies, he has been involved in over 15 student productions, mostly as director of photography. In fall 2018 he spent a semester abroad at La Fémis, Paris.


2019 “Was ihr Liebe nennt (WT)“ Feature, 90 -100 min. - in development
2019 “Tilda (WT)“ Serial drama - in development
2019 “A New Normal“ Essay , 16 min.
2018 “Schwimmen” -2018 Feature, 100 min.
2016 “Lui / Lei“ Fashion Film for Giorgio Armani, 6 min.
2015 “French Fries” Fiction short, 8 min.
2015 “Everything We Do Is Music” Spec commercial Soundcloud, 60 sec.
2014 “The world of Mavi Kalem” Imagefilm, 5 min
2014 “Nouveau Monde“ Medium length fiction, 30 min.
2013 “Memphis” Fiction short, 25 min.
2012 “Lumen“ Experimental short, 6 min.
2012 “Der Zauberer“ Fiction short, 7 min.

Festivals & Awards

2019 Filmfest Munich
2018 Hofer Filmtage - won best directing debut
2018 Busan Interational Film Festival - nominated Flash Forward Audience Award
2018 Filmfest Biberach
2017 23. Filmschau Baden-Württemberg
2017 Istanbul Fashion Film Festival
2017 London Fashion Film Festival - nominated Best Student Film
2017 Brussels Fashion Film Festival
2017 ASVOFF - won Best Student Film
2017 SXSW Film Festival Austin, Texas 2017 Roma Web Fest
2017 Berlin Fashion Film Festival
2016 Caligari Award for Swimming
2016 5th Delhi International Film Festival
2016 Konstanzer Kurzfilmspiele
2016 Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis
2015 63. San Sebastian Film Festival
2015 International Film Students Meeting
2015 Französische Filmtage Tübingen
2015 Kyoto International Film&Video Festival

2019 “Daikini” experimental feature - in development
2019 “Vadim Otto Ursus” short documentary - in development
2019 “The Last Smoker” spec commercial - in development
2019 “A New Normal“ Essay film, 16 min
2018 “Schwarz auf Weiß“ Fiction short, 20 min - in distribution
2018 “Eye Candy” Documentary feature, 60 min
2018 “Nachzehrer“ Medium length fiction, 35 min - in postproduction
2018 “Ach“, Fiction short, 10 min
2018 “Cochlea“ Experimental silent short, 5 min
2018 “Euphoria, Lobster & Champagne“ Music video
2018 “Born in Britain” Spec spot, 60 sec Dir: Luca Homolka
2017 “Keeping Them In Their Place” Experimental feature, 69 min
2017 “Jim“ Fiction short, 8 min
2017 “Geht doch alles zum Teufel“ Experimental short, 7 min
2016 “Ce Qui Reste” Documentary feature, 55 min
2016 “Hable de mi en presente - Bonita“ Music video
2014 “Singularity“ Fiction short, 6 min
2014 “Gibby - Got me Open“ Music video

Festivals & Awards

2019 Filmfest Munich
2019 Achtung Berlin
2019 Landshuter Shortfilm Festival
2019 Filmkunstfest Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
2019 Dok.Fest Munich
2018 Caligari Award for “Eye Candy“
2018 Max Ophüls Festival - MOP Shortlist for “Jim“
2018 Porsche Award - won Silver for “Born in Britain”
2017 Crescendo Festival for “Keeping Them In Their Place





Director of Photography
Art Director
Sound Designer
Hair & Make-Up

Unit Manager
Assistant Director
First Assistant Camera
Second Assistant Camera
On-Set Sound Recordist
Set Decorators
Animal Handlers

Visual Effects
Color Grading
Voice Over Recordist
Art Design

Special Thanks

Daniel Sträßer
James Faulkner

Paul Nungeßer
Luzie Loose
Paul Nungeßer
Max Schönborn
Quirin Grimm
Jan Brett & Patrick Thomas Schäfer
Johanna Ballweg
Sarah Heidelberger
Zsolt Magyari
Ludwig Meck, Markus Krojer, Chantal Witzmann & Luzie Loose

Elenya Bannert
Tobit Kay
Leon Brinkmann
Sebastian Hempel
Magdalena Stauber
Anne Bolick
Jan Wittkopp, Louis Holger & Josef Seidel
Michael Steffensky
Dennis Deger, Fritzi Heubaum & Lore Walter
Marie Musiol, Bernd Musiol & Ricardo Jonach
Lennart Lenzing

Mario Bertsch
Maximilian Baule
Aidan Lyons
Shuaitong Zong

ARRI I Icke Herrmann
Cine Wetzler I Gerhard Baier
C-Motion I Clemens Hönig
SFX Workshop I Gerd Nefzer
Acht Hamburg I Lena Schulz

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